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Board of Parole

Welcome to the Iowa Board of Parole

MISSION STATEMENT: To enhance overall public safety by making evidence-based and informed parole decisions for the successful re-entry of offenders into the community to become productive and responsible citizens.

The Iowa Board of Parole is established by Iowa Code Chapter 904A and consists of five members, including a chairperson. The chairperson and vice-chair are full-time salaried members of the Board. The other three members are on a per diem basis. The Board members are appointed by the Governor for staggered terms of four years and are subject to confirmation by the senate. Iowa law states that the membership of the must be of good character and judicious background, must include a member of a minority group, may include a person ordained or designated a regular leader of a religious community and who is knowledgeable in correctional procedures and issues, and must meet at least two of the following three requirements:
  1. Contain one member who is a disinterested layperson;
  2. Contain one member who is an attorney licensed to practice law in this state and who is knowledgeable in correctional procedures and issues;
  3. Contain one member who is a person holding at least a master’s degree in social work or counseling and guidance and who is knowledgeable in correctional procedures and issues.

Chair – Jeff Wright
Vice Chair – Norman L. Granger
Board Member – Sue L. Lerdal
Board Member – Sheila A. Wilson
Board Member – Vacant

Jacklyn Romp – Alternate Board Member
Gregory Crocker – Alternate Board Member
Sue Weinacht – Alternate Board Member

Steve Clarke, Administrative Law Judge
Michelle Becker, Administrative Law Judge
Lori Rankin, Parole Liaison Officer
Andrea Muelhaupt, Parole Liaison Officer
Cein Moran, Clerk Specialist
Lea Scaletta, Secretary